Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pictures Of Our Garden

 We use a similar method to Square Foot Gardening. These plants are in raised boxes in our back yard and laid out by square foot. This is a red sunflower.

 This is the flower of the Hungarian Pepper.



 Dill! I didn't get to make dill pickles this year, but oh well. Life gets busy and the garden worked out okay, regardless.

 These are seed pods for radishes. I'm trying to make a sustainable garden, which means I can gather seeds for the next year so that I don't need to purchase them.


 Cherry Tomatoes!

Mint! I use this for mint tea... yummy!!

1 comment:

Alexandra DK said...

Everything is so green and yummy looking! Nice job. I can't wait to make our veggie patch next spring. We did get 2 tomato plants this year and some flowers.


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