Friday, August 10, 2012

His Best!

 We've been taking the junior race car out as much as we can to figure out how to slow it down and to get Austyn to practice. Staging was the hardest part since the car wasn't set up correctly. 

 We like to go when the track isn't too busy so that the price is low and we can get more runs in. Zoe loves to hang out on the stands since they are so big and she can run all over them.

 While waiting to leave our pit I got a picture of Zoe and I in the mirror of the Golf Cart.

 We didn't know this time about what needed to be changed in our car. Hopefully staging will get easier now that we know what to change in the motor.

 Here's his best yet!! His reaction time was 0.00 seconds and his time for 1/8 mile was 12.96 seconds. His speed was 49.98 miles per hour. Notice the car fatigues just after he takes off from the start. That is a part of what I'm talking about when I say we were still having some technical difficulties. We'll get it sorted out.

 Zoe meets friends everywhere we go. These guys are watching the transport trucks race. The weekend we went to this track it was a weekend that a bunch of truck drivers met to race.

 Any vehicle could race. It's not always about speed. It's also knowing what your vehicle will do.

Any vehicle that is racing that uses diesel produce a great deal of smoke.

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