Saturday, July 28, 2012

Third Time at the Track!

 Things went well for our third try at the track. With the new engine, we expected that there may be some adjustments to be made to make the car do what we want, but it really wasn't too bad at all. The first run, Austyn stalled at the start. This was because the idle was too low. Making idle higher fixed the problem. The car went in the 12's (12-12.9 seconds in a 1/8 mile)! This is much better. The rest of the adjustment to get it as close to 12.9 and slower can be made by adding weight! We can do this with lead-shot. There are locations on the dragster to add it including an empty nitrous bottle on the back. It's not there just for show and to confuse fans. LOL!!

 Zoe seems to like getting out. She likes to dress up, do her hair and wear jewelry. This will all change when she races. Her hair will look matted from the heat and her helmet, but I can really see her racing. She is the free-spirit type of kid. No fear! She can't wait to race now!

Sometimes we put her in the car to tow the car back to our pit spot. Here she is, having a great time!!

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