Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Science

 We are using a couple of things for science this summer. Yes... we don't stop learning just because it's summer. Why would we? I find it the best time of the year to learn things. I find with more sunlight, we have more energy and we are outside more and gardening. We are also up later, it seems. What a great time to learn about what is around us!

Anyway, back to what we are using. This year we are using Science Smart by a list of authors. This book is an old out of print book. I purchased it from a local bookstore through amazon. By doing that you save money because they are registered on amazon as a bookstore and get discounts. The reason I chose this book this year is because it caters to Zoe's interest in crafts with all of the crafty things we'll be making and it makes cool, educational things that Austyn will love.

I posted our first project from this book HERE and you can also see our caterpillars there.

We also use REAL Science Odyssey - Life Level 1, thanks to Alex over at her Canadian Home Learning blog. I like it because it follows along with The Well-Trained Mind and has worksheets that Zoe likes, but they are optional, for Austyn. It covers a wide range of topics for life, following the Well-Trained Mind. It seems pretty complete but for younger ages.

Even if we don't document everything the REAL Science Odyssey seems to get the kids looking at things that they may not have. They measured the caterpillars and even started photographing them (Austyn's idea). He let Zoe use his camera for a minute to take a picture of her caterpillar.

In our move, we lost the cable to take the pictures off of this camera. I'm hoping to find it before this posts.

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Alex said...

I agree with you, learning can happen year round. Especially with science, when each season presents new things to study!
I am glad to read you are enjoying the curriculum. We really liked it, and I would have continued with it for sure!


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