Sunday, July 8, 2012

Science Journal

 We have officially started our new Science book for this year. We don't stop in the summer and due to having such a bad year this year, it's a good thing. 

 Our first activity was to make our own science journal. We made these with pieces of cardboard. I bought cupboard liners (has a sticky side) and binding rings. We cut out the cardboard to a specific size and put the liner on the outside, wrapping around the edges to the inside covers. Then we glued paper inside to cover up the liner edges. Then we cut a bunch of white printer paper in half and punched holes in the papers and the covers. They were lined up and the binder rings were inserted and closed. Here is Austyn's science journal. He liked the marble look.

 It's hard to tell in this picture but Zoe added a string on the rings to make a handle and she attached a pencil so that she could travel with it. She brought it to the races along with her caterpillar and drew her caterpillar and the stages that she could remember a caterpillar goes through before it becomes a butterfly in her journal.

When I first found these caterpillars they were very small. The one looked just like a little black burr. They are still very small but this is how they looked a couple of days after I found them. They are both the same kind of caterpillar (swallowtail). I know because we have kept these kinds of caterpillars before from our garden. This year we found more. It's one benefit of living in Ontario. There are so many chances to keep caterpillars for free! They are so easy to find!

Oh by the way... the book we are using is called Science Smart.

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