Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Racing Again!

 We've started racing again. The first time we went was for a Test'n Tune, so that we could make sure the car runs okay, but it got rained out. 

 The next chance was on Canada Day weekend. It was our first time back for an actual race. 

 There was a bird that was loud and the song was so pretty, but we couldn't see the bird up close. It didn't seem to mind that there was racing going on. It just sat there and sang a beautiful song. 

 Because they don't have anymore seasonal pit spots we needed to find a way to make it work without a trailer. It wasn't as easy and due to the heat, we didn't feel like doing much in between races.

 It was wonderful to be back and see old friends and familiar cars. We missed this while we were away in Edmonton.

While waiting to watch Daddy, they searched for fossils. It's funny because a couple of years ago when we would come to the track they played in the dirt while they waited. I guess they still like to do this.

Here are just a couple of fossils they found. The ground there is very sandy and these fossils were fragile. You can see how they can easily become fragments of sand.

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