Thursday, July 12, 2012

Organizing After Moving Too Much

 It's taken some time and I'm still not totally finished, but I'm getting organized. Here is our homeschool room. There are still a few boxes to sort through, but at least we are able to get in and get what we need. The books are all in order. 

 To gain space, we converted the closet into shelves. This is where all of our craft supplies and science materials are. 

 The rest of the house got organized as well. This is the toy room. 

This is my work space and I share this computer with the kids. We each have our own log-in. I keep all of my homeschooling books here and use this space to plan our days.

We moved here in March, and it usually takes years to get everything exactly where I want it, but this is excellent so far. Especially since we have had four fast moves where we had to quickly pack up our things and not everything was put together. Imagine... taking all of your things and throwing them in a pile in the middle of a room. Now go through it all and put everything away. That is almost where we were at, when we finally got here. It's time consuming! 

We have been able to do so much more, now that we have our own house and things are organized better. I think this is going to be a wonderful summer for learning!

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Alex said...

It does make such a big difference to be organized! I am happy you are enjoying your current house!


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