Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Juggling Kids' Sports

Phew... life, juggling sports between two kids has been a challenge. It's been fun though! Zoe is now finished. On the last tournament she was in her team won every game. Actually, they've never lost a game! It was their first year having a team at this level and there was a learning curve for all. Now we all know that the travel team for her age group (5-6's) check! We didn't know that. The kids didn't seem to mind. I'm sure all of that extra equipment helped.

Zoe was the only girl on the travel team. It was great experience for her. She played well, for her first year of lacrosse. 

That same weekend, Austyn was at a tournament in another location. He got a medal as well and they won their first game. We were so proud of them.

On the last day of Lacrosse Zoe got to play with parents and siblings and eat pizza. She got another medal and a team jacket with her name on it. 

Now that her lacrosse is done and our homeschool activities have slowed down, life will be a bit easier. I know this has seemed like a sports blog lately. I guess that is because much of our time at home is organizing and still unpacking, if you can believe that! I've given the kids some time to settle in a bit and let the stress of the past fade away. We've been slowly doing more and more educational activities at home, now that things are getting more organized. 

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