Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Homeschool Track and Field

 Where we have lived before, the opportunity never arose for us to join in on track and field. This is one of those things that kids in school get to do every year, but homeschoolers don't always get that chance.

 We have done track and field in a park with house hold items. That was fun, but finally we had the chance to do REAL track and field. The kids got to join a track and field event with our local homeschoolers. They were able to set it up at a local highschool.

This was the schedule:
General warm up followed by...
1) Long Jump
2) 100 metre Sprint
3) Ball Throw
4) 200 metre Sprint
5) Triple Jump
6) Lazer Arm (measures the speed of your throw)
7) Open 1500 metre Run (optional)

 Due to the heat, our official track and field day was moved to the next week. This worked out because it meant that there were more practices. 

 We made it to every practice and it showed. Both of my kids appeared confident and strong for each activity. 

 We were so impressed with how they did and so proud of them both.

 Even with all of those kids and so many activities, the kids had so many chances to be with their new friends.

 I was so impressed with their focus and how hard they tried.

 Both of them even ran the 1500 metre run, even though it was optional. Above is a picture of Zoe getting sprayed while running past.

 Austyn tried so hard. It was amazing to see and it was such an interesting experience for him. He is an excellent runner, but to run for such a long run was a huge challenge and something he has never done before.We were so proud of him for finishing. 

 By the end of the race Zoe was holding  hands with her friend and they ran over the finish line together. I think they were the last kids, but they were also the youngest. They looked so happy for themselves. 

 This is Zoe getting her gold medal. You can see Daddy with a huge smile in the background clapping. He was so happy to be able to be there to see it all happen. She got the most points accumulated for all of the activities for her age group. 

Austyn got a bronze trophy. He was third place for total points in his age level.

We are so proud of them both! What a great experience for them. We can't wait until next year!

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Alex said...

That's great!! Congrats to both of them for participating and doing so well!!


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