Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Educational Gardens

 If you do nothing else educational for your kids, be sure to have a garden. Even if they don't want to help much, they can learn so much from it.

  The creatures that decide to live in or around the garden are always interesting.

 These pictures were taken at least a couple of weeks ago. Looking at these, I realize just how quick these plants grow. 

 Having a garden, we notice beauty that we may otherwise passed by and not noticed.

 We create life, and provide food and shelter for other living creatures.

 These are the first vegetables we picked. What a great way to learn where our food comes from!

We went outside and picked leaves, peas, and beans and we brought them in to look at more closely. 

Gardens are great!!

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Alex said...

You are so right! Gardens are wonderful, no matter what age!


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