Sunday, June 17, 2012

Travel Sports

We have been traveling more often lately due to both kids being in Lacrosse. Summers seem to be like this for us. If it's not sports, it's racing. In either case, this is what the house looks like each week. Suitcases are sprawled out and clothes are being folded into baskets from the laundry room to just be packed up for the weekend away. Sometimes I wish we weren't so busy but other times I'm surprised at how much fun we have together when we go away. Family time in the hotel pools, chatting in the van on the long drives, eating snacks together in the room, spending time together but with friends in the hallway have all proven to be good for us as a family. It's a great deal of work but it's all worth it.


Alex said...

Sounds like traveling is good for all of you. I hope you are doing well. Send me a FB pm, thinking of you ♥.

live sports said...

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