Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beach Weather

 One thing we missed last year, while living in Alberta, were the beaches. I kept seeing Facebook posts with pictures of all of our friends on the beach and felt strange that we couldn't go to one. There are beaches in Alberta, but they aren't the same. Many of the lakes are not okay for swimming and aren't large. I loved Alberta, but this was one downfall. The upside was that the temperatures never felt hot enough to need the beach. 

 We visited the beach for the first time for our Co-Op end-of-year picnic. The weather was extremely hot. It was in the 30's and humid. This is strange for May weather.

 The water was still cold, but the kids enjoyed looking for interesting rocks and shells.

In the distance, over the lake, we could see other people enjoying the lakes and the early hot weather.

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