Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Austyn's Photography

 I'm not so proud of this picture, due to my appearance, but this picture is a good example of Austyn's photography, when using my camera. After we moved here, I found my old camera and gave it to him. It's a nice size for him and takes good quality outdoor shots (the flash is broken), but sometimes he just can't resist using my camera. He likes to take candid shots, like above and when he uses my camera the shots are on a slight angle. I'm assuming the angle is due to the size and weight of my newer camera (Nikon D7000). He has taken pictures around the house, at lacrosse games, and homeschool events.

 This is his favourite plant in our garden because it is mint and he loves it when I make fresh mint tea.

 I think that some pictures I find on my camera are cute. This is Zoe with her usual forehead spot. She thinks that the women who wear the spots on their foreheads are beautiful and likes to imitate them sometimes.

 Some of his pictures are funny!

 Some pictures are a tiny bit odd, but I can see the creative thinking that is going on.

 Some are creative and have interesting focus.

I think it's really cool that he is interested in photography. He must be taking after his mom since I love to take pictures!

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