Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Day In The Life Of A Pioneer Child

We attended a really cool field trip that was set up as a part of the homeschool Co-Op. One of the classes that Austyn is taking is Pioneer Life. It's nearing the end of the Co-Op so the teacher set up this trip. What a great experience! The kids first listened to stories from the women. They learned what it was like back in England compared to life in Canada. They talked about the trip here and why they moved to Canada.

Work never stopped. While telling stories, things still needed to get done.

Apparently boys had to do the jobs that required more lifting or muscle. Here the boys are moving and stacking the firewood.

The girls started off the day with a good rug beating.

The girls washed the clothes. They were EXTREMELY dirty. 

They carried the clothes over to the wooden fence and hung them on the fence and then they folded the dry blankets.

The boys carried the buckets. There was no water this time, but they would have hauled the water in the early days.

When they were busy or away the girls did their jobs as well. Boys rarely ever did the jobs that were considered for the girls.

Candle-making took up some of their time. The wicks needed to be dunked in the bees wax between 50 and 80 times.

It was a good deal of work, but the kids really enjoyed themselves.

Near the end they got to visit the schoolhouse. This was a good day for us. I think we will need to return to the museum to visit the rest of the exhibits another day.

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