Monday, May 14, 2012

Book Sharing Monday - Let's Play

I don't usually choose books like this for my Book Sharing Monday posts. It just needed to be shared! This book is great for all of those homeschooling families who are looking for some fun traditional games that can be played with no items at all or things that are easy to find.

This book takes us back and puts a twist on all of the old games that were played when our parents were children. There was no technology and games were more social and interactive. What a great way to interact with friends and family. Put the board games and video games away. This book can be used in indoor, or outdoor play and with just about any age. There are different versions of tag, hide and seek, hop scotch and many more. The ideas in this book will show up in our homeschool park days, for sure!


Basbusa's Mama said...

Sounds really interesting! I just requested it at the library. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Bailey said...

I just bought a book as a gift that was full of games I recognized from my own childhood. It was great to see an renewed interest in outdoor fun games that require few props, but provide hours of fun. I'll have to see if I can track this one down.

Bethany said...

That sounds like such a fun book! I will have to check it out some time. : )

Isil said...

This book sounds interesting.Will look it up.Thanks for linking up to Book Sharing Monday.


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