Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Back on Track!

Looking back to how this year has been going for us, with regard to our homeschooling, I feel like we didn’t have the best year. In fact, I think this was our worst. Stress, moves, living in someone else’s house, and extended family needs are just a few things that affected our ability to homeschool effectively this year.

That being said, we didn’t just NOT learn anything. Zoe learned to cursive write some words. She continues to surprise me with her spelling, reading, and her athletic ability. Austyn learned about fossils, crystals, rocks, minerals, and meteorites. He continues to learn more as time passes. He read a beginning reader and started a second. I got worried about his reading and through trying to get him to read, I learned that I need to let go a bit more and let him choose what, where, and when he wants to read. I will post later about his reading (I’m currently doing some research on this matter).

On a positive note, we did a good deal of things outside of the house. We were out most of the time. Hockey, skating, hiking, tobogganing, shopping, traveling, play dates, park days, gymnastics, a co-op, lacrosse, and the list goes on. We were rarely home. This probably was needed, so that we could meet friends for support. Going out made things easier when taking over a local group an easier task. I didn’t know any homeschoolers in this area when I took it over and that was a challenge. I went from organizing things and having nobody come and chatting online with hardly any response to a great turnout for homeschool skating and great chats online about things that really matter most to the local homeschoolers. They have been an important part of our lives through their support when times were getting a bit tough. This may not be the best place to homeschool in Canada, but it sure is working fine for us, now that we are settling in.

Looking back, this year looked like an unschooling family that was struggling through stress and thinking that we need to be doing more school-type things because of everything that was happening around us and the bad behaviour we were all carrying around.

With the stress and behaviour improving, now that we have our own space, I’m feeling more positive. Things are coming together and we are meeting many new friends. We have great support. We are in a new house. We are still unpacking and organizing and I notice a huge difference in all of us. The kids are starting to initiate their own learning again. I think I just need to relax and look forward with positive light. Things will fall into place. Proof of this is already presenting itself. Society and pressure may have a grasp on my feelings sometimes, but then reality hits, I realize what works best for us. We will get back on track, and just like people who have a baby or have a death in the family, we are homeschoolers who are human. There are productive years and years that we just need to realize that SHIT HAPPENS! ;)

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