Tuesday, March 6, 2012

From Hawks to Fossils - Following Interests

 If he's not looking in the sky or trees for hawks, Austyn can be found outside looking all over the ground for crystals, rocks, fossils, meteors, and anything else interesting that could be found there. This is his newest interest that has only started since we've been in Ontario. We have been reading about these things and have paid for a year membership at a local museum. 

 The first time we went I took him without his sister. I think it worked out well. He loved it and asks to go back just about everyday. I took Zoe with him later, and didn't get the same reaction from her, but since it's a year membership, I think we can manage many visits that might not be as long as he wants but not so long that she is going crazy with boredom. 

The above picture is a display that shows many pieces of a meteor.

 Austyn loved checking out the dissection of a frog and other animals.

 Above Austyn is standing beside a norwal tusk. We have read about them a few times, including when we read about unicorns. People use to believe that these were unicorn horns and many people were mislead into spending a good deal of money on these tusks believing that they had medicinal qualities, until more people started to travel around the world and discovered the norwals. They pieced two and two together and overtime the Unicorn belief faded away.

Austyn is collecting many specimens of rocks, fossils, minerals, crystals, meteors, and more. He has been spending his allowence on these things.

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