Monday, February 13, 2012

Meteorites, Rocks, Minerals and whatever else can be found.

Austyn has become increasingly interested in rocks, fossils, meteorites, gold, silver, diamonds, crystals and anything else that can be found on and in the earth. He spends more time outside searching the ground for stones and rocks. We have started to read books on these subjects. I have lined him up with a jeweler to learn about diamonds. Even when it snows, he is digging through the snow to find the stones underneath. I have requested that our library get a book (The Magic School Bus Rocky Road Trip) so that we can do THIS lapbook. 

We even found a rock that can lift our magnet. Austyn seems to think that this is proof that it's a meteorite but I think that it is just metal in the rock and may be coal with melted metal in it from the stove of the old farm house that use to be here. I guess over time we will discover the truth.

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