Monday, February 27, 2012

Book Sharing Monday - Owl Moon

 I thought that I had already posted this book last year, but I don't see it. This is a great book for this time of year. This is when Owls mate and nest. At night you may hear them calling each other. This story is about a father who takes his little girl, who is finally old enough to stay quiet. 

They walk into the forest and the father calls to the owls and they wait for a response. 

This is something that can actually be done. Try it sometime! Some wildlife organizations or parks host nighttime owl walks. A night with a full moon is best, because you don't have to use a flashlight as much.

If you have an iPod or iPad download Audubon Bird Guide and there are many bird recordings on there. Find out what owls live in your area. Use the recordings to call out to the owls. They will answer back. If you are quiet enough you can keep calling and get closer to the owl. When you find what tree it is in you can look at the base of the tree to get an owl pellet. Pellets can be collected in a plastic bag and taken home to be dissected. There are books on how to dissect one and how to identify what the bird ate. Discover Nature at Sundown by Elizabeth P. Lawlor is a good one to use.


Desiree said...

We need to read this one, I think I may even have a lapbook for it. Thanks! Looking up the owl call today too, good idea.

Bailey said...

Sounds like it would make for a wonderful adventure.

Alex said...

thanks for linking :)


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