Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Holiday Season

We have been involved in the French Story Time at our local library. The teacher is amazing and the kids have learned so much. Here is a song they sang infront of a bunch of parents for Christmas. Austyn has taken an interest in singing and was asked to sing a part of the song solo.

 We really never stop homeschooling. Our life is full of learning and educational activities. We learned about Christmas past, other religious holidays, watched movies, made crafts and much more. The kids made these pictures to give as gifts. Austyn ended up liking his too much to give away, but I thought that the concept was creative. I didn't give them the idea to do these pictures this way. They did this on their own. Zoe's is the one covered in tape. She still really enjoys using tape over glue.

 We have been visiting family more since we've been here in Ontario. My mother got a few visits from us. We can't paint in the house we are in, easily so we go to her house to paint and do other crafts. The kids got to choose things around the house to give to people. These two boxes are gifts they chose for eachother.

 What did we do with our Christmas crafts? We decorated Grandma's tree!

 We are still living with relatives, but this didn't mean we stopped some of our own traditions. We made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. This always includes a great deal of joking around.

 We took the time to write Santa letters and then we also did a letter to keep with the cookies. Zoe did the top part and Austyn did the bottom.

 One of the most memorable gifts that they got first thing on Christmas morning was the Bell off of Santa's Sleigh. Austyn had the great idea of asking Santa for this on his letter because we read about how the little boy got a bell in the book Polar Express.

Above are a couple of the surprised looks they had opening gifts Christmas morning. Nanny, Papa, and Grandpa were all there.

We went to more relatives for supper.

 Zoe enjoyed doing make-up and hair.

Austyn enjoyed singing to everyone.
On Boxing Day we saw more family. This is the first time that everyone was together (except one person) in many years. It was nice.

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