Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Goal!

 Austyn is doing great in hockey. The coaches seem great. He loves to pose when he sees me with the camera.

 He is already starting to make friends on the team.

I almost didn't get it because I was a bit slow with the camera and it ended up being a bit blurred due to me hurrying. At least I got it on video!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going Home

Our vacation was too short. We met this Canadian family who were on the flight with us. The kids stood at the window and watched as the ground crew helped to bring the plane in. There were marks on the ground. One long line that the middle wheel stays on and three lines across that line. The plane stopped on the middle line. Interest can be sparked or something can be learned from just about any moment of our lives.You just never know what we will learn tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nature in Florida

 We like to watch the turtles and fish when we go to Florida. Here is one big turtle we saw.

 They come close to be fed.

 There are many kinds of ducks and other water birds all over Florida. These ducks were at Magic Kingdom.

 This interesting bird was flying over our pool and I got a picture of it because Austyn and I were keeping an eye for them and trying to figure out what types of birds we were seeing. It appears to be a type of gull but it flew and dove more like a raptor. I tried to look it up. I thought it was a kite, or a gull or an osprey. I can't seem to find it. If you can identify it, let me know what it is.

 This looks like a vulture. There were many American Black Vultures around. 

 Every year the kids try to catch the little lizards that run around all over the ground.

 I think these are brown Anoles. We even watched their behaviour with eachother and saw a couple of them puff up their chins until the chin was big and bright red. Here is a link.

This one had a short tail. I think it's tail has been pulled off and it is now growing a new one. More information on them and their tails can be found HERE.

We are pretty sure we saw other raptors while driving around and we found some cool clusters of orange toadstools, but I didn't have my camera. We learn something new every time we go to Florida.

Halloween Party at the Resort

 Our resort hosted a Halloween Party. Someone took a picture of us on our way. We were on our way to the other side of the resort for the kids to trick-or-treat with super heroes and villains. 

 Batman and Captain America gave every child a card that explained what super power each of them had.

 They went up in front of the crowd and shared their costume and their power.

 Zoe explained to her spokes person that her costume is Lady Kate from Shakespeare.

 After they got a certificate they got to walk around the large pool to each super hero station. There were games to play and many of the super heroes gave candy and toys out. Here is Cat woman showing Austyn one of the games. It's a cross bow and he is to try and hit a target.

  My favorite was Harley Quin. You will know her if you ever play Batman Lego video games. Her costume was fabulous. Too bad you can't tell by this picture. She was passing candy through bars. What a great set-up!
 I'm not sure if we were suppose to or not but I had them pose in front of a backdrop that was there.

 After their bins were full of candy they started the music and everyone danced. I danced with them. We had a good Halloween! It's a great time of year to be in Florida.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Resort Fun

 There are always many things to do at the resort we stay at. 

 There are many pools to choose from.

 There are always crafts, board games, movies, and other activities to do.

 Austyn made a couple door hangers for when he gets his own room again.

 Zoe made a craft and coloured.

 They met some friends and one friend they want to keep in touch with.

 This is daddy's splash at the slide.

We needed this vacation. I wish it could have been longer, but with my Dad sick I didn't want to be gone too long.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

 We went to the Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom. I loved the decorations!

 We sat behind the castle this time to watch the fireworks.

It was a good time and we left with a bag full of candy each.

Monday, November 7, 2011

He is now 8 Years Old!

I can't believe that he is eight years old! Where does the time go?! We celebrated his Birthday in Florida with a Captain America cake.

Book Sharing Monday - Why War Is Never A Good Idea

Why War Is Never A Good Idea is a poetic journey in the sad reality of war around the world. 

The visuals show both the innocence and ignorance of those in areas about to be hit by war erupting a feeling of connection with those who seem the same as us and are unaware of what is about to happen. We also see the sad outcome of war through the after effects and destruction.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Travel Experience

 We have traveled in many different ways, but one thing we have never done with the kids is take a ferry. Instead of waiting at the bridge we took the ferry to get to Michigan. We were on our way to Detroit so that we would be on time for our flight to Florida. The kids thought this was pretty cool!

The GPS shows that our car is in the middle of the river. All you see is the car on blue.


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