Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun Math and a Little Distraction

 We skipped a park day because we were having so much fun on a math project. We are working on Triangles for Cotter Tens Fractal. It may sound boring but Austyn loved it. It will be 6 feet tall when we are done.

 While we sat there cutting and gluing, we chatted and out of that chat the kids learned of my pet rock when I was a kid. So, they headed outside and picked out stones to colour on and name. They also made houses out of cups.
 It was a fun distraction!

We are more than half way through the project now. It's a long project if it's only a couple of people doing it. This project was meant for a classroom of kids, I think, but we are still plugging away.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lego Club

Moving to a new area and taking over the local secular homschooling group, I set up some activities. One of those activities is Lego Club. We attended a Lego Club in Edmonton and we loved it so I set one up here. We still don't have our own full stash of Legos, but with the word out I'm hoping to get some soon.

One of the Moms in the group offered to let us use her son's Legos for now. It was a hit! We had five families and I know that many families couldn't make it that day, so I expect that the next meet will be doubled because I reserved it for a day that works better for everyone.

We showed the group some of the Lego Apps we use on the iPad. Zoe took a picture of her friend's creation with an iPad before we had to take it apart and put the pieces away. 

Kids are welcome to bring creations from home and do a "Show and Tell" period. They can also show the creations that were made during our time at Lego Club. What a great way to practice speaking in front of people!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Hockey Practice

Zoe decided that she wants to play hockey now. She never wanted to before and had almost no interest in skating, but with going to Austyn's hockey practices and starting the Homeschool Hockey and Power Skating in this area, she now wants to play. So, her first practice was at 7AM! Yup!! They were the first kids on the ice. It wasn't easy getting her up but she went out there and was one of the best skaters of her level. Grandpa and Nanny came to watch.

She was a pretty good skater. She is in goal in the picture above.

She enjoyed showing off for us and looked our way often.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing Outside On Their Own

One of the complaints that I always had about my kids is that I could never figure out why they wouldn't go out and play without me. We have always lived in subdivisions and for some strange reason they wouldn't go out to play unless I came too. If I couldn't go out they wouldn't go. 
When we are out in the country it's a different story! Here is a picture of them running through the fields. They love playing outside here and who needs parents!? There are wide open spaces. They seem to be drawn outdoors here. They spend hours wandering, playing together, looking for insects, or playing with the farm cats.

Time Apart

While Daddy and Austyn took the beans to the mill we went to visit Grandma. It was interesting to see Zoe away from Austyn. They really don't do much apart. Zoe seemed so quiet without Austyn there. We had a good visit. She spent time learning how to play the piano with Grandma.

As you can see, Zoe did her hair before we went to Grandma's house. I think she did a great job!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Harvesting Beans

 One of the benefits of living in the country is learning about where our food comes from. Thanksgiving Weekend is when farmers take off the beans. 

 The fields around us were no exception. Since Daddy was home he offered to take the beans to the mill for the farmer who does the fields here. The kids got a look in the wagon and felt the beans.

 Daddy and Austyn got their snacks and water ready and loaded up into the tractor. 

Off they went to the mill! Now Austyn wants to live on a farm and Daddy thought the experience was relaxing. We are now looking at farms. LOL!!!

Book Sharing Monday - Scary Stories and Songs

 We thoroughly enjoyed Diane Goode's Scary Stories and Songs from start to finish. It's a book that you absolutely have to read with a Southern Accent to fully respect.

After reading this book we started to use a saying from one of the stories (shown in the picture above) called "Tain't So". It's a story about a man named Old Mr. Dickins who died but didn't know it since they didn't have his grave stone marked yet. He sat on the fence at the grave yard and greeted towns folk as they passed. Each person said that they heard that he had died but Old Man Dickins kept replying "Tain't So!"

This book has proven to us that the Scary stories from the American South are the most entertaining!


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