Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Sharing Monday - Elbert's Bad Word

Elbert's Bad Word by Audrey Wood is about a little boy who snatches a bad word out of the air and keeps it in his pocket. Without warning he uses the word. 

This story shows one example of how a child might stop saying a bad word. 

Our kids are not innocent. They have used bad words before. My husband and I are the type of people who question things about parenting and society. We discussed bad words and had many questions. Who decided that it's a bad word anyway? Why is it a bad word? Why do we have bad words? Is it for authoritarian power over others with the use of guilt? Some may say that it's just plane rude, but isn't it just rude because society has told us that? Isn't it just our perception? Although we shouldn't dwell on others think, we also don't want to insult others.

Our kids know our opinion on this and found this book funny and interesting. Zoe also pointed out that the author never says the bad word in the book. I think she was hoping to know what the boy said. LOL!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

 Last weekend we went to Canada's Wonderland with family.

 We've been observing many insects. Here is a stick bug that Austyn found.

Here is one of the two Stag Beetles found in the basement of this old farm house.

Here is the large spider we found on one of the mattresses we sleep on. The kids caught different insects to see what it preferred to eat and it only seemed to prefer live flies.

 Unlike last week, when we focused on History and Reading, this week we focused on Science. We have been using Adventures with Atoms and Molecules Book 1 by Robert C. Mebane and Thomas R. Rybolt. We did many experiments this week and the kids made a water molecule (not in the book). When Zoe got bored with Science she started to make crafts and just watched from her place on the table as Austyn and I did the activities.

 We enjoyed going from experiment to experiment and Austyn seems to be getting over his balloon phobia. 

 Austyn is really into Finding Waldo lately so a large Waldo book could be found laying around the house even when he wasn't in the room. Zoe placed her crafts on his book (above) and thought it was funny to spell the word "pee" with pipe cleaners.

 Austyn made many make-believe things from the craft supplies I picked up at the dollar store. Here he is looking at one of his bombs and infront of him on the table there is a special gun. He placed guns like this around the house and was pretending that as people walked by they would get a surprise. 

 We continue to observe the behaviour of the farm cats. Here they are all huddled together in their house. It's a cold day and they are able to keep warm by sleeping together. The mother cat still nurses her first litter of this season and one cat babysits and nurses her newer kittens for her when she is busy. 

 The kittens are growing fast. They are now starting to walk around. This one has extra claws so his feet are so big and cute like a teddy bear! They are starting to be more vocal to us and less shy.

Moving to this area there didn't seem to be much support for us so I took over the secular group and have been getting things together to organize events. The first event I organized was park day. We had a couple of families join us this week. The kids enjoyed themselves.

Zoe practiced dance and Austyn practiced singing. This is something they do everyday.

Zoe practices gymnastics at any available moment. Zoe is in Dance Lessons and both kids started gymnastics this week.

Austyn is in Power Skating and Hockey.
Daddy started to dust off the race car. He tried to get it ready for the last race but it didn't work out. We may have to wait until next year.

The great thing about being in the country is that there are discoveries around every corner. Here the kids are observing the sap from a large pine tree and then they found some lady bugs trying to hide.

 They are in two reading programs at the library. One is a regular story time and the other is a French Story Time. They are enjoying them. This is probably the first time they have ever had homework. This is a project for the regular Story Time. They are to write a story about the adventures of a cat named Scooter and Scooter will read it when we return to Story Time.

 They worked on Drawing. I was going to crack out an art project but they weren't interested. Instead Austyn wanted to do a drawing from a How to Draw book that we purchased at a local book store and Zoe wanted to just draw what she wanted to draw.

Austyn did a bit of reading this week, but not as much as last week.

Hmmm... I'm discovering that it's not so easy to do a Weekly Wrap-Up with unschooling since we really don't follow a curriculum or subjects like kids would in school. I'll try this for a little while, regardless, and see how it goes. 


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