Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nature in Florida

 We like to watch the turtles and fish when we go to Florida. Here is one big turtle we saw.

 They come close to be fed.

 There are many kinds of ducks and other water birds all over Florida. These ducks were at Magic Kingdom.

 This interesting bird was flying over our pool and I got a picture of it because Austyn and I were keeping an eye for them and trying to figure out what types of birds we were seeing. It appears to be a type of gull but it flew and dove more like a raptor. I tried to look it up. I thought it was a kite, or a gull or an osprey. I can't seem to find it. If you can identify it, let me know what it is.

 This looks like a vulture. There were many American Black Vultures around. 

 Every year the kids try to catch the little lizards that run around all over the ground.

 I think these are brown Anoles. We even watched their behaviour with eachother and saw a couple of them puff up their chins until the chin was big and bright red. Here is a link.

This one had a short tail. I think it's tail has been pulled off and it is now growing a new one. More information on them and their tails can be found HERE.

We are pretty sure we saw other raptors while driving around and we found some cool clusters of orange toadstools, but I didn't have my camera. We learn something new every time we go to Florida.

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