Saturday, November 5, 2011

Early Birthday Presents

 We just got back from our vacation. Austyn had his birthday on vacation so before we left he got presents from grandparents and then from us. He opened up some gifts from Zoe. 

 One gift from her was home-made. This is a pig nose.

We are really tired of purchasing toys for birthdays, so this year we did something different. We got him a dirt bike. We felt that he was ready and that it would be something that he could learn about and take responsibility for.

 Daddy had to take a spin first, just to make sure it works properly. I think he is having a little too much fun, though. LOL!

 Austyn got a few lessons from Daddy about how to run it and maintain it. They also changed the oil before running it. 

It wasn't long before he was driving it all over the yard and in the field. He loves it!

This is just another benefit of living in wide open spaces instead of in a city or town.

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