Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing Outside On Their Own

One of the complaints that I always had about my kids is that I could never figure out why they wouldn't go out and play without me. We have always lived in subdivisions and for some strange reason they wouldn't go out to play unless I came too. If I couldn't go out they wouldn't go. 
When we are out in the country it's a different story! Here is a picture of them running through the fields. They love playing outside here and who needs parents!? There are wide open spaces. They seem to be drawn outdoors here. They spend hours wandering, playing together, looking for insects, or playing with the farm cats.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog.And wishing you were still in Alberta.We have been un-schooling for the past four years now.However,we know of only one other secular family,that is homeschooling near us.I just wish there was a secular homeschooling board in Alberta!(Better yet,an un-schooling board).

Our Pace said...

Anonymous, there are unschool friendly boards. One even has unschooling family only activities in the two main cities that it runs out of. I can't reply back to you because I have no contact info for you, but I hope you get this. Check out Argyll. Also one of the best facilitators from Argyll was let go last year and word has it that she has started a new board that will be available to Albertans for next September. To find out more sign on to the Edmonton Homeschool Yahoo Group. Wisdom is an unschool friendly board and even though it's Christian they are very open to all families and not pushy.


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