Friday, October 21, 2011

Lego Club

Moving to a new area and taking over the local secular homschooling group, I set up some activities. One of those activities is Lego Club. We attended a Lego Club in Edmonton and we loved it so I set one up here. We still don't have our own full stash of Legos, but with the word out I'm hoping to get some soon.

One of the Moms in the group offered to let us use her son's Legos for now. It was a hit! We had five families and I know that many families couldn't make it that day, so I expect that the next meet will be doubled because I reserved it for a day that works better for everyone.

We showed the group some of the Lego Apps we use on the iPad. Zoe took a picture of her friend's creation with an iPad before we had to take it apart and put the pieces away. 

Kids are welcome to bring creations from home and do a "Show and Tell" period. They can also show the creations that were made during our time at Lego Club. What a great way to practice speaking in front of people!

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