Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Hockey Practice

Zoe decided that she wants to play hockey now. She never wanted to before and had almost no interest in skating, but with going to Austyn's hockey practices and starting the Homeschool Hockey and Power Skating in this area, she now wants to play. So, her first practice was at 7AM! Yup!! They were the first kids on the ice. It wasn't easy getting her up but she went out there and was one of the best skaters of her level. Grandpa and Nanny came to watch.

She was a pretty good skater. She is in goal in the picture above.

She enjoyed showing off for us and looked our way often.

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Anonymous said...

She's so teeny in that goal! I love the pink hockey stick and leg padding, by the way. That's just too cute. ^.^


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