Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Sharing Monday - Saving Sweetness

We listened to the CD recording of Saving Sweetness by Diane Stanley. It was read by Tom Bodett. His voice went with the book perfectly. He has a down south, red neck kind'a voice that you just have to love.

There are many funny southern sayings in the book that we just couldn't help but crack-up over.

The book is about a sheriff who is trying to save a poor little orphan named Sweetness, but she doesn't want to be saved. He runs into a bit of trouble and she comes to the rescue.

In the end everyone is happy, but in ways that you may not imagine. It's a great book that we have listened to at least three times.

If your child is afraid of outlaws or guns, you may want to read the book before reading it to your child. My kids, clearly, aren't affected by this. If anything it makes the story more interesting for them.  LOL!

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