Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Decisions = Less Blogging

We have made some big decisions that will affect our lives dramatically in the future. In order to follow the flow of what we would like to do as a family there are some things that I need to attend to. While I work on our plans for the future my blogging will slow down.

Hmmm... I'm sure some of you can guess what we are planning. Most would say we are crazy, but we feel that it's what we want to do and if we can find a way to do it, why not? I think about what regrets people have when they are dying and usually they say things like "I wish I spent more time with my family" or " I wish I didn't work so much" or "I wish I did...... because that would have been so wonderful and I always wanted to do that".

We are following our dreams instead of the flow of society and what is expected of us. I know that we will do it. It's only a matter of time.

Have I got you wondering? Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Follow your hearts and do what is right for you as a family; that's what matters the most. I'll be watching for your posts. :)

Anonymous said...

Intriguing - been thinking of you folks lots lately - looking forward to reading about your latest adventures :D


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