Saturday, July 2, 2011

Being the Model

One of the aspects of unschooling is to pursue our interests. This isn't just for the kids. This is a life choice that should include everyone. Parents can model this so that the kids follow their interests as well. I'm so proud of my husband for going after his interest of learning how to play hockey. I must say that a man in his 30's learning how to play hockey for the first time looks much different than a child learning and this makes me even more proud of him. The kids are also proud of him. We all go and watch when we can. 

It's so cute that Austyn tries to tell him how to improve his skills because he sees himself as a much better hockey player than his Dad. It's wonderful to see them give each other advice. They also understand how hard it can get out there. There is a much better understanding between the two of them now that they both play. It's not as easy of a sport as it looks.

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