Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WEM with Grandpa

 My Dad came to visit from Ontario. The only place he wanted to be sure to see while here was the West Edmonton Mall. After all that is what is famous about this city. So we made sure to take him there. 

 We split on getting a day pass for Austyn and Zoe. Zoe's pass was cheaper and one of us could go on the rides that required a chaperon for free. We took turns going with her.

 It was a long but nice day at the mall. The kids had never had a day pass there before and it seemed well worth it.

 Because it was a school day we could go on the fun rides over and over.

 If there were lines they were short. Some of the employees ran two rides so there was sometimes a bit of a delay. 

 It was nice to see them go on rides on their own with no adults.

 It was also nice to see them go on rides with Grandpa. What a treat to have him as a visitor.

The go carts were the last stop before some ice cream and a car ride home.

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