Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nature on the Farm

 This huge farm property at Rainbows End Farm provided many opportunities to view nature. There were hawks, ravens, woodpeckers and many other birds.

 This cow bird was taking a rest after enjoying the mud in the cows pen.

 The children were sent on a nature scavenger hunt. They had to find a beaver chewed piece of wood, leaves, a piece of coal, a piece of sandstone, a live animal or insect, a wild flower and much more. 

 The scenery was spectacular.

 A sight I'm not use to seeing... I think a beaver was here.

 The stream was a favourite for the kids.

 Weird place for a mushroom.

 A beaver was here as well.

 This is one sandstone that the Tyrell Dinosaur Museum Scientists left behind of a duck-billed dinosaur foot print.

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