Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Last Junior Rangers

 We got a pleasant surprise this time in the trees. There were wild roses everywhere. I guess Alberta is famous for these roses. It is the official flower of Alberta. 

 The children got to use digital cameras to find the colours given to them on little mickey mouse swatches. They were allowed to take pictures of anything they saw. There were many pictures taken of Zoe's pants.

 Austyn worked closely with his friend. 

 This bee must have been dying. It didn't move and allowed us to get close for pictures.

 The kids were to colour pictures and draw pictures with textures. Austyn used a tree to get a bark rub.

 Zoe used the paved walk way as a texture.

 The kids then had to go and catch insects. This bee was a good catch. It was fun to watch it fly away when they let it go.

 The dandelions looked much different this visit.

 Austyn caught a centipede.

 Austyn measured how many inches this dandelion stem was from his memory of how big an inch is on his finger. The stem was 18 inches long (according to him).

The kids got to run around and play games before heading home. They will miss going to these fun activities and it was nice to meet so many new friends (some of whom are homeschooled).

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