Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hands-On Farm Experience

 We went on a field trip with one of our homeschool groups to Rainbows End Farm. It was a great way to learn more about farm animals. In the above picture the donkey across the lane is being stubborn. 

The farm is set up in stations and at each there is a laminated sign that talks about the animals there and gives an activity for each child to try.

 Zoe feeding the baby goats.

 She was an expert at catching animals. 

 Austyn caught one.

The older goats loved to chew on my pants.

 Austyn feeding the baby goats with his friends.

 This kitty was hiding from the crowd of kids.

 The little ones were learning about rabbits and got to hold a baby.

 Zoe enjoyed this.

 Austyn got to hold a baby rabbit with the older kids as well.

 They took a goat for a walk around the farm yard.

 They could touch the goslings and ducklings.

 I placed a duckling on Zoe's lap.

 They got to choose to walk a donkey, a lama, or an alpaca. 

 They got to brush a donkey.

 Feeding the animals can be fun.

 These cows didn't mind visitors at all. They just lounged in the sun.

 Here is Zoe holding one of the chicks from the incubator.

 Austyn held a duckling.

 Austyn's friend had such a nice, warm, comfortable hold that his duckling fell right to sleep. 

 We took a wagon ride around the farm to see some more animals and ask questions about them.

This farm was an all around experience. Animals, farm life, nature, playing with friends. I have a couple more posts to do on this farm. Stay tuned for some pictures of their play time and nature on the farm.

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