Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fort Edmonton

Dad got to tag along on a Homeschool field trip to Fort Edmonton. Above he is riding at the back of the street car with some of the kids.

He asked this nice lady if she'd like a drink at the saloon across the street but she made it clear to him that she is a respectable lady. LOL!! Then he asked if she'd like to walk down the street with him and she said yes. I got this picture of him escorting her down the street. 

This is the tour of a farm house. I think the man's name is Mr. Edison.

This is a school house. It was a huge difference from the school house we visited close to the same time period in Ontario. There were no books, the school was a small log house. There were not enough slates for everyone in the class. The teacher traveled for months, sleeping under the wagon for part of the trip to get there. She had no home so this was her home but the stove was just for heat and warm water so she was fed by the other families of the town. They helped her and she helped them during the time school was out. They only had school during the winter and it didn't start until everything was ready for winter (harvesting etc). As soon as they were able to plant seeds school was out so that the children could help in the fields and preparing for winter (making clothes etc.)

Look closely... do you recognize the teacher? She is the one who Dad offered a drink to! LOL!!! 

This is the hardware store. The kids are learning what things are here. They had many other stores and buildings in the town.

It looks like it's snowing here in Edmonton and the ground is covered in the seeds from the trees. It is too tempting for Zoe and her friend. They kept playing with it. 

We took a train ride. 

Dad enjoyed the ride.

This is a Matee woman knitting by the fire in the fort. The fort was here not for purposes of war or protection but for trading furs across Canada and sending them to England.

We visited the small native settlement outside of the fort and asked many questions. around 10 people would stay in one tee-pee. 

The highlight of our stay was the short time we spent with these two people. They were amazing actors. She is a news reporter, reporting on what life is like for this man who traveled months to get here from Toronto. He is living in a tent, like many other professionals until his house can be built. There is a shortage of labourers to build houses.

This is the tent he was living in. Austyn sat with them and chatted their ears off. They matched his conversation with interesting facts to match anything he had to say, comparing his time to theirs. They were wonderful!

Here is a dance called the Grizzly Bear that they showed us. It was popular at the time. 

We visited the carnival. This is one of the free rides. If you look closely you'll see a woman turning a large wheel. That is what powers the ride. Her arms must be strong to turn this all day.

Here the kids are playing a fishing game to win a prize.

Posing at the end of the day. We are tired and ready to go home.

It was fun to bring Grandpa along on our field trip.

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