Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Homeschool Park Day

 We attended a homeschool park day in the area where we moved to. This is actually the first homeschool park day that we have attended here in Alberta. Only three homeschool families showed up, but it was still fun. The kids were building shelters in the forest. 

 I got a picture of this guy who we could not miss because he was so loud.

 There is a stream behind the forest that the kids could explore without getting too wet. 

 It was the first time in a long time that I got such great pictures. This is why I was able to change the header of our blog, finally from winter to spring. 

 The kids got along well and seemed to really have fun together.

 I got some great shots of my kids.

 Here they posed for me. 

 Another pose. 

 Some fungus growing on a dead tree.

 Zoe posing for the camera in the forest. 

 The trees seem to look so different from the trees we know back in Ontario and I noticed that they even smell different. 

 A pose from on top of the play equipment.

 Austyn leaving the forest.

 Zoe sitting in the sand a the playground.

 She always insists on making angels. 

 The older kids really took to both of them quickly even without knowing them previously.

 Looking into the distance.


 A Water Slider.

 Picking up the snails.

Looking at them closely on the rock before returning them back to the water. 

It was a great time and we will definitely be returning.

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Serena said...

Very cool. I don't recognise the park. However, that's a nice photo off a red-winged black bird! He was probably so loud protecting a nesting sight ;-)


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