Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lacrosse Practice at Rexall Place.

 Austyn has started lacrosse. One of the practices was at Rexall Place. Many kids showed up from all around the city. I missed out because Zoe had dance class. Daddy took these pictures.

 Austyn is the one with the adult shirt size on.

 They split the kids up into groups to practice on the surface all at one time.

 Austyn is already one of the top players on his team (in my opinion). LOL! He is doing great!

 He really enjoys it and meeting all new players here this year seems to be exciting for him.

If you've never heard of Rexall Place, it's the stadium that the NHL and the Pro Lacrosse players use for games.

 Daddy was able to snap this shot just as the security guards were kicking them out of this secured area. 

Here is Austyn by the Wayne Gretzky statue.

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