Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lacrosse Practice and Goalie Practice

 Lacrosse season has started. Sports here in Edmonton differ greatly from sports in Ontario. If you play hockey in Ontario there is a good chance that you'll play lacrosse in the summer. Here in Edmonton most of the people we talked to never heard of lacrosse and were surprised when I told them that it's the official national sport of Canada. Here in Edmonton if you play hockey, you play hockey all year round.

 Lacrosse in Ontario is different than here in Edmonton. They take it much more seriously in Ontario and it's played close to the real thing with real games and they keep track of points just like in hockey. Here in Edmonton, it's just for fun and babied down for the kids. The nets are moved in, the kids rotate goal, and when they have games the kids play for short intervals with breaks and practices in between. There is no checking here (which is probably a good thing). A benefit of the way they do it here is that more kids get to try out being goalie and Austyn was one of the first ones to ask to try it out. He will be the goalie for the second game. A downfall is that the goalie equipment that is shared isn't in the greatest shape and is large for most of the kids. If there was one goalie the equipment would be customized for that child and likely it'd be in good shape.

 Here he is practicing with one of the coaches. He is learning how to stand and block.

 Instead of watching Austyn Zoe goes to the practices and games to socialize. Her friend brought beads and string. 

 The equipment makes him look so big! Not use to that. He is so thin normally. LOL!

He did well for his first practice. It's hard to stop balls that are coming from all directions so some got through. In a real game there'd only be one ball.

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