Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finding Nature in the apartment.

Over the winter we have found a few insects in our apartment. Instead of squashing them we keep them and observe them. I don't have soil handy so we use cornmeal. We haven't had much luck with our insects. Eventually they just die on us. These beetles however, had babies. 

I know, I know... who does this!? Right?! Well, I've learned that just about any situation (yes, even creepy crawlies in your house) can bring a better understanding of our world. Why not!? What a great way to learn about nature right in our apartment. We've learned what they eat, how they drink and now we are learning about their life cycle.

The beetles we found are called Larder Beetles and are considered pests here. They are the most common beetle in Alberta. Here is a link: http://www.insectsofalberta.com/larderbeetle.htm

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