Monday, April 4, 2011

Book Sharing Monday - The Magpies' Nest

Moving to Alberta from Ontario we are mezmerized by magpies. Beautiful colouring, long tail, and possibly the fact that there are so many of them we can't help but wonder what they do, where they fly, what they eat and much more. I've been told that locals find them boring and a bit of a pain, but being new here they evoke a strong interest. 
Searching our library for magpie books I came across this one that includes facts about many other types of birds as well.
The Magpies' Nest retold by Joanna Foster and illustrated by Julie Downing is a book about building nests. The birds ask how to make a nest in spring and the magpies build their nest and give a lesson to each bird about how to build a nest. Each bird in this book may use one or two of the things that the magpie adds but in the end the magpies have added many more items than any of the birds in the book. 

This story is a great way to introduce different types of nests. It's a must read for spring.

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Serena said...

This looks like a beautiful book...

are you going to link it up though? I don't see it at CHL ;-)


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