Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Sharing Monday - Fraser Bear

 Moving out west, we are more interested in learning about the wild life that live in this new, interesting area. Bears are an interesting part of Alberta that we want to learn more about and this book follows the life of two cubs and the salmon that simultaneously go through their own life changes.

 These are two animals who require their habitat to stay healthy for their existence. It is interesting to understand how different animals live in the same area and develop in a sort of harmony that allows for the other to thrive. Without Salmon bears would likely starve and die off.

It's interesting to learn how male and female bears are different. Males leave after about two years with it's mother but the female can stay much longer.  This is a tale that gives examples of the dangers and the type of life bears have. A better understanding of them helps us to respect them.

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Bailey said...

We visited the Canadian Rockies on our honeymoon several years ago and I remember the amazement of seeing a bear in the road as we were traveling. The warnings from the rangers were clear, leave the bears alone.

It is so different seeing them up close (or car close) then on TV.

This looks like a wonderful story to share with children about bear life.


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