Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful Spring Day at the Park... In The Wet Snow!!!

 The last few days have been warm and the weekend will bring more snow. We are witnessing a spring thaw. We walked to one of the parks near our apartment. 

 Getting over the snow piles to get across the street was a challenge. Once in the park walking became difficult. The snow was almost to the top of the garbage can. It hasn't snowed much the last few times that it did snow.  This is accumulation from the huge amount of snow that has fallen here all winter. Locals assure us that this wasn't a normal winter. 

 As we walked on, the kids were able (for the most part) to walk on top of the snow, but I wasn't as lucky. I had knee high boots and with just about each step my feet fell through the snow past my boots. It was very wet (like slush) and my boots were soaked through in no time, so I couldn't play much with the kids. Here is the park bench I sat on. I had to sit on the back rest.

 It was nice to get out to the park. When I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the park they said, "There's a park?" There are actually two playgrounds that I know of and I chose this one to try on this day. 

We couldn't stay too long, and we all left with wet pants, socks, and boots, but it was worth it. I hope to get to the park again while the weather is warmer and before more snow comes.

I didn't get pictures of the kids who came to the park but they met new friends and we have kept in touch.

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Our Pace said...

Luckily we didn't get the snow this weekend. It stayed to the south of us.


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