Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Park

 Now the weather is over 0 degrees we've spent a bit more time outside again. 
It's not easy though. There are large puddles everywhere, ice, mud and the snow is unpredictable. 

 We tried to go to another park for a picnic. The wind was a bit cold. Usually there is no wind here, but this day there was. The snow was so deep in parts that the kids couldn't get around easy. They kept getting their boots stuck. Everyone had wet pants and socks after this trip.

The kids did their best but it was just too hard to play in the park in these conditions. We didn't end up staying as long as we'd have liked to and we were the only people there.


Jessica said...

At least they gave it their best.When are you guys expecting to see some ground without a lot of snow on it?Bet the kids are eager to be able to get out and play without ending up frozen and wet.

Our Pace said...

I'm not sure. Locals say that usually they are maintaining their lawns by now and they start gardening by the end of May. This winter was unusual. We moved here in December, so we don't know what to expect.

Jessica said...

Weather on both sides of the globe has been a little unusual this year.We hardly got our summer (im not complaining).Fingers crossed there is a break soon.Snow looks beautiful and magical, but I am sure there is only so much you can take.


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