Thursday, March 31, 2011

Telus World of Science - Friends

 After Lego Club we went to the Telus World of Science with friends. 

 After talking to the Robot who welcomes the kids they stepped back so she could show them how her fighter jet moves.

 After grabbing a snack we caught up with our friends in the presentation room. Here they are reading the label of a CocaCola can to figure out how to make pop.

 They are now learning how to get the fizz into the drink with dry ice.

 They went through a crime scene and collected some clues.

 They learned about other ways to investigate crime scenes. Zoe is dusting for prints. Austyn and his new friend are checking out DNA identification.

 This is a meteorite. They are trying to lift it.

 Zoe is playing a planet game.

 Austyn and his friend are figuring out how to control the mars rover.

 Austyn and one of his friends are figuring out how to fuel a rocket and then blast it off.

Time to goof-off while waiting for another presentation before heading home.

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