Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Learning about Vikings

Here are our Viking books. Some we own and some are from the library.

 We transformed our couch into a Viking Ship. We also made a Viking hat (made wrong because Vikings really didn't have horns on their hats). The shield and hammer are also a bit off but at least they had shields and Thor used a hammer (he even named it).

Here the kids have set up their Viking crew.

 We decided to make Viking bread. The recipe can be found in The Story of the World Activity Book Two. We have read about a recipe that we would fry bread. For anyone who knows anything about me, you know that I'm not the best person to supervise a baking activity and if there is one thing I shouldn't do... it's bake. LOL! But we did okay.

Here is our bread entering the oven.

Here is our bread ready to eat but a bit more crunchy then we'd like. It wasn't bad and reminded me of how fresh bread sticks might taste. We dipped pieces of it in butter. Not bad!!

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