Saturday, May 1, 2010

School with Stuffed Animals

Austyn wanted to play school with his stuffed animals, so we prepared for math in the school room that we set up in our unfinished basement. The stuffed animals were placed in a circle. I introduced my teacher name in my funny teacher voice (they corrected me. LOL!) and we went forward with a math lesson on tessellating (filling a space without leaving gaps). We first used toys that were rectangular and then squares. Then we learned about octagons and we made some and turned them into stop signs. I cut out more and we found out that we can't tessellate with octagons because they can't fill up a space like squares or rectangles. 

We took a recess and when we returned Austyn asked me if the class could study human bones. I said we could so he dumped some halloween bones on the floor to look at. 

Earlier in the day I read one of Zoe's favourite stories. She instinctively took over the class as the teacher and read the story to the class since it was handy. She can't actually read well enough yet, but she loves to pretend and this book is a song so she did her best to sing the song how she remembered it.

And just like everything else we do money ends up coming into the picture at some point. Austyn is obsessed with doing math with money. Real money, fake money. This is some fake American money we purchased while in the United States. 

Over all, this idea went over well. They really seemed to enjoy themselves and because of that they should remember some of what they learned I hope.

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Rana said...

I love that your daughter wanted to read/sing her book to you. My kiddos have been doing a lot of math with money too. They are both saving their money for a Nintendo DS and they count their money and subtract how much they need to save.


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