Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vacation Fun!

While on vacation we are still learning and having fun at the same time. 

Zoe LOVES fast rides and is usually upset if someone tells her she can't go on a ride because she isn't tall enough, so she wanted to go down this slide, but as you can see by the picture there is a look of terror on her face. She didn't like it at all and didn't go down again. Poor baby. I never thought I'd get a picture like this. She went on many fast rides, so we aren't sure what happened here. LOL! Poor kid!

He made a money machine in our room and kept paying us for food with his play money. 

Zoe liked to stick stickers on paper and then cut them out.

Zoe drew many pictures. This on is a picture of me. I LOVE IT!!

Austyn looked great in his goggles.

This is Austyn's lizard trap. I think it was a day or two after this that Zoe caught one at the pool.

Austyn led some boys in trying to capture some lizards after seeing one on the wall and talking to a local woman about how she catches them sometimes at her house.

Zoe liked to play in the pool with friends she met there.


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