Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Patriots Point - USS Clamagore SS-343

The USS Clamagore SS is a submarine. What surprised me most about it was imagining what it must have been like for so many people to be working in there for days straight. It is very tight, very hot (120 degrees with the hatch open and only one engine running), and loud (that was with only one engine running). With all three engines running it must have been even more hot, and three times as loud. I assume it smelled bad in there after a few days. 

This bird loved the cable at the front of the sub. As you can see above the bottom of the sub is starting to corrode away from the salt water.

This is an escape trunk.

This is the forward torpedo room. 16 members of the crew slept and lived in this small space. As you can see they slept wherever their bunk would fit around the missiles. The missiles are maintained and repaired here.

Everything is small and shoved anywhere it would fit. I must also note that it isn't a very pleasant looking place inside a submarine.

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