Thursday, April 22, 2010

Epcot Fun!

These dinosaur pictures are from the exhibit with Ellen Degeneres Bill Nye The Science Guy on Energy.

This was a fun game where the kids carried around a big cute piggy bank and they learned how to earn and save money for a goal that they set. Austyn chose a vacation and Zoe chose a bedroom make over as a goal. 

While waiting to talk to Crush from Finding Nemo we got up close to some sea creatures.

We explored the aquarium.  It was very large.

We took a tour that taught us about the earth and how people are finding ways to grow animals and plants on it with little or no harm to the environment. 

This is a special floor area where you can stand on strange instrument boxes and listen to the sounds of the instruments. It was a great place to blow off some steam.

It was a very long day!!

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